My mother suffered serious injuries in a car accident. She is now in a hospital. We have decided to file a claim to recover for her injuries and the damages caused to her vehicle. Do you think we should seek the help of a car accident lawyer?


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Elan Wurtzel , Personal Injury Lawyer In Long Island, NY, answered

Yes seek professional legal advice. If you are located in New York feel free to check out

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The Lawyers Direct , The Lawyers Direct, answered

Yes, you should
definitely get a personal injury lawyers’ help to file lawsuit
against the responsible person because you can’t handle all legal
process. The Lawyer will guide you how can get compensation from the
negligent party for losses. Find lawyer from The Lawyers Direct’s
website. Here, experienced and skilled lawyers are available to help
such type of people.

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Albert Enula answered

Some of the people have not been
much aware from the benefits that they will be getting from the personal
injury solicitors to get the car accident claims. No doubt that if you
have been putting yourself in the car accident claims then it is just
the assistance of the personal injury solicitors that can help you a lot
in getting the compensation.

Personal injury solicitors are
specialists in personal injury law. In this way you have the best
chances of finding the case winning successful. You should be choosing a
firm of solicitors who have been established in support of many years
and experience. It will going to play quite an important role when
deciding which firm of solicitors you appoint to deal with your claim.

In the same way special damages is
the legal term used to explain the compensation that you can claim in
support of any financial losses you have suffered including any loss of
earnings, medical expenses and any other out of pockets expenses. In
addition you will also be able to claim for any expenses you have
incurred and had to pay for any vehicle damages or repair to your

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Karl Sagan answered

I believe that you can get some help from car accident attorney, just make sure to find a good specialist. Personally, I don't own a car because I don't want to deal with insurance and stuff like that, but whenever I need a car, I just rent it from Best Exotic Car Rental in Miami, and for me, it's much more convenient.

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