If you're fat and you got loss of appetite as a medicine side effect is is the same power as if you are skinny or same?


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Zack why aren't you asking your doctor these questions about the medicine you are taking.

We can't help you. I will say the side effect are different for different people.

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zack leon
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He doesn't care what I say then after I tell this situation he ignores by saying "oh okay" or something like that then keeps talking to my parents. Like I'm a blabber mouth?
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I have an appetite all the time. Try as I may not to eat, and I've been eating my veggies too.

Ok the answer is, u still weigh what the scale says. Even if it is on account of the meds.

Ask your Dr if he/she can give u something else. I'd love to not have an appetite.

Personally, I would start with the pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist if there are any other meds that would do the same job, but not bother your appetite..

If he\she suggests another med, then ask your Dr if you can have it.

The pharm. Would know better, the side effects ECT.

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We have differing metabolic rates and physiology . . . Some medicines effect one person a little differently then another.

I skinny person may have a higher metabolic rate . . . And may actually require more calories, while the over weight person my have a lower metabolic rate and require less calories . . .

By "Power" are you referring to the "Dosage"?

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zack leon
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What I mean by power is the strength as skinny or same.
Darik Majoren
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You mean the Effect the medicine has on a person? . . . the side effects of losing the appetite?

That is based on the person's physiology . . . and its why they do drug trials . . . they get their definition for legal to produce those really long messages of "Could CAUSE Side-effects such as . . . ."
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Layers around one's belly creates artificial hunger, more you stuff more hunger it creates. Skinny one's life is not dictated by food alone?

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