Would you ever consider changing your diet to plant based: no dairy, eggs, meat, for health or ethical reasons (vegan is when you’re doing it for the animals)?


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Your premise that "vegan is when you're doing it for the animals" is flawed.  Yes, many (if not most) vegans do it for that reason.  However, I have a couple family members who are vegan because of health reasons.  They could take medicines, but it's less expensive (and far lower risk of side effects) to eat vegan.

And since we now know that plants "feel" pain and are aware of their surroundings ... Is it any more "ethical" to eat a plant than an animal?

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I copied this from PETA. It doesn’t exactly answer the sentient point but I’ll keep looking. Here’s this for now :)

Myth: Plants feel pain too.
Fact: Since they have no central nervous systems, nerve endings, or brains, there is no reason to believe that plants feel pain. If you want to be responsible for the least number of deaths possible, a vegetarian diet is still preferable to a meat-based one, since the vast majority of grains and legumes raised today are used as feed for cattle. By eating vegetables directly, you save many more plants’ lives than you would if you ate animals such as cows, who must consume 16 pounds of vegetation in order to produce 1 pound of flesh.
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I like this one I just found better.

If you think that “what about plants?” means there is no difference between exploiting animals and plants for food, then you’d have to say the same about exploiting humans for food, because you’re denying that there are different levels of aliveness, or at least denying that these different levels could justify different treatments or considerations. To turn around and admit that there’s a difference between killing plants and killing humans in light of this is to grant that there could also be a difference between killing plants and killing non-human animals. The whole argument just renders itself moot.
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Personal belief comes into play partially for me, as I believe in God and the Bible. So I believe we were meant to eat plants and not animals in the Garden of Eden. As much as Plants can feel, I am sure they don’t feel as much as animals do. Although vegans will try to cause as little harm as possible no one is perfect, and we all cause daily harm to our planet. I have read fascinating stories on plants. I’m sure they were created to thrive and survive in their environment. But I have not seen any studies that show them to be sentient. Maybe my definition of sentient is a bit too limited.
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Hahaha, no... There is nothing like the taste of a good, grilled bacon cheeseburger. Mmm mmm! I usually have lettuce and tomatos on my burger. Does that count?

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Hot dogs



All yummy keep your grass eating away from me

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I don’t eat grass. :) I don’t have four stomachs like a cow so I don’t digest grass well. Thank you for answering!
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Prefer balanced.

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Thank you for answering. :) Balanced sounds healthy! I’ve heard rumors that The World Heath Organization, WHO, says that processed meat causes cancer though, so be sure to balance that. Good luck!
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Its a nice thought but I like eating meat. However, if I ever worked in a butcher shop, I prob would go on a fast diet!

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