Best diet for fat loss? veganism? I'm a girl, height- 175 cm, weight - 66 kg. I want to reduce my weight. I've been looking into veganism, but I haven't made the change yet. How do I lose weight and FAT? Do I create a calorie deficit? Do I cut carbs?


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I tried everything known to man diet wise, and the only thing that came close to working was portion control, balancing proteins and carbs, and burning more calories than I took in!  Not a fan of a vegetarian, or vegan diet, i had and American Indian friend who said his people had a saying for vegetarians,  they called them bad hunters.

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I agree with Retirekop. Portion control. I just got myself mentally ready and began to cut my portions. First by a quarter. Other items like liquids same thing. I didn't stop eating what I liked. I just ate a little less at each sitting. I also increased my activity. Walking was the best for me. After the first week I had lost 4 pounds. Then after two weeks I another quarter. I lost what I needed to lose.

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