Can u recommend an exercise that is easy to do but still burns fat? I'm a couch,potato and don't want to work too hard.


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To burn fat, it is necessary to get your heart-rate up for a sustained period while consuming fewer calories than you burn. A program of healthy diet and exercise is the typical plan of action.

While we can’t determine what is “too hard”, a physician can help you determine what would be an effective course for your particular situation.

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Try easy on the joints but still an effective work out

Or  get a simple exercise rubber band.

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What a cool idea! Thanks
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I've noticed, also, that many swimming pools offer exercise class time.

Just walking in the pool is more exercise than normal walking, due to the resistance of the water.
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Awesome. Thank you!
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Eat less to start with and continue with controlled eating.  Ease the carb and bakeries.

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Drink food and eat water... If you understand what i mean.....

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