Im 12yearsold and Im overweight Im lookin to fast for 28days but since Im roughly250lbs my goal weight isunder150lbs Im going to have to fast more then once After fastin how long should I wait before I fast again,what should eat after I fast?


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First of all, if you are indeed 12, you are too young to be on this site.

It goes along that you are far too young to be determining your own diet plans, and what you outline above is a VERY BAD plan indeed. Growing children should not be subjected to prolonged fasting.

If all you claim in your question here is true, your very BEST course of action is to get sound nutritional advice from a trained health professional familiar with your situation; not seeking affirmation of your misguided plan from complete strangers on sites like this.

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Don is right. Talk to your mom. If your that dedicated to have the will power to fast then you will have the will power to do a life style change. I am proud of you for wanting to be healthier. It is not an easy task. Best of luck to you!

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No fast or feast. Just control your eating in terms of quantity. Ease off carbos and bakery stuff especially sugar.

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At 12, you are too young to be on this site.

But I will make this comment because you need to know that fasting for 28 days at your age is highly unlikely to provide the necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary for your proper growth at this time of your life.

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At 12, a fasting diet most likely will not work out the way you want. 28 days straight is too much, unless you’re talking about intermittent fasting, but that is safest for adults. Fasting as a kid may affect your height and muscle growth.

I recommend upping your exercise instead. Don’t look for a easy way out, look to enjoy exercising. You don’t have to do anything fancy, just go for a fast walk. If you want to see results, limit yourself to healthy foods only and to water and tea only. This way, you’ll guarantee to keep growing. A lot changes at 12, and you can grow maybe a whole foot in 2 years, and everything will balance out.

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just cut out processed foods, look into the paleo diet. Only drink water never drinks with sugar

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