how do people give birth?


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a woman pushes a baby from her vagina.

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Two ways:

Normal vaginal birth, which is when a baby is pushed through the vagina, causing excessive pains to the mother, but during this, the vaginal walls stretch to allow the child to be born.

A C-Section, which is when the mother cannot push the baby through the vaginal canal, so the doctor cuts along a section referred to as the C-Section, and removes the baby that way.

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Again, you answers show insufficient knowledge to be answering these questions.

They are incomplete at best and at time---simply incorrect.
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There are two main ways you may give birth. First is by a normal vaginal delivery, where the baby comes out through the birth canal from the vagina. Second is a Cesarean Section, also known as C-Section. This is a surgical procedure carried out when there is a complication in the normal vaginal delivery. In the procedure, surgeons make an incision in the mother’s abdomen and the uterus and pull out the baby from the womb. Other lesser-known methods are the vaginal birth after cesarean, vacuum extraction and forceps delivery.

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