Is it normal to fee dizzy if you have a cold? I have a sore throat I think I'm coming down with something . I don't feel right. Is it normal if I may feel dizzy?


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Sounds like u may be dehydrated i would be drinking lots of gatorade and go see a dr.

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As a rule, when you're sick, your body works hard to fight off that infection. It needs more energy than usual. So that it's better to get enough rest. Drink plenty of water and take vitamins. I usually take vitamin D, C, and zinc. To buy all the meds you can from Canadian Pharmacy.

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First, ignore all advice given to you about foods, vitamins and "strengthening your immune system" since all that is complete bunk.

What you need to do is take it easy, preferably in a nice sofa, chair or bed with a nice blanket, some pillows, some nice warm soup or tea to help with your sore throat and a few movies or TV series to watch, or why not a good book?

Rest and 2-5 days is what it takes to get rid of a cold, the other stuff people say you should do is either useless or to alleviate the symptoms. There is no cure for the common cold, and vitamin C has absolutely no effect, that's a myth started (or at least popularised) by Linus Pauling who should have just kept quiet on the subject since he had absolutely no evidence for it.

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