Why Is It Sometimes I Feel A Little Bit Dizzy?


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Dizziness is a very common condition experienced by people regardless of age and gender. But what causes you to feel dizzy in the first place? There are many factors why you sometimes feel a little bit dizzy such as your health, posture, and environment.

• Health

If you feel dizzy sometimes, it's a sign that there's something wrong going on in your body. For instance, you may be suffering from high blood pressure. You might have eaten something that caused your blood pressure to rise such as foods rich in cholesterol and fats. Dizziness is often experienced in cases like this.

If you sometimes feel dizzy, it could be a sign that you're pregnant. Dizzy spells are normal among pregnant women and it will just go away after a few minutes of rest.

Poor eyesight is another factor you have to consider. People with poor eyesight and aren't yet wearing glasses have the tendency to become dizzy every now and then. You can relieve dizziness by simply having your eyes checked and wearing glasses.

• Posture

The way you sit, stand, or lie down can contribute greatly to that sudden dizziness you experience sometimes. Poor posture does that to you. A very good example is reading while lying down. If you've been reading in this position for a few hours, you'll be surprised how dizzy you'll feel once you decided to stand up. The same thing happens when you suddenly stand up after sitting for a long time.

• Environment

Your surroundings can also make you feel dizzy. If you happen to live or work in a highly populated area, you can get dizzy with the number of people going to and fro around you. The noise alone especially when accompanied with the noise coming from vehicles is enough to make you dizzy. In addition, air pollution like exhausts from cars and burnt plastic as well as very strong fragrances can also cause dizziness.
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Ashley Bennet , 5 years as a certified nutritionist at American Society for Nutrition, answered

Dizziness is a common health problem that is shown as a feeling when everything is spinning around you and then make you unable to balance. Here are some causes of dizziness to help you check yourself:

  • carsickness
  • excessive exercise
  • dehydration
  • hormonal changes
  • side effects from medications.

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