Is body freezing treatment an effective therapy?


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This is also know as Cool Sculpting. This is also a type of liposuction in Dubai or fat removing process without surgery. Simply it is non surgical and non invasive fats reduction process for contoured and toned body.

This is one of most effective procedure for getting desired out comes.

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“I felt refreshed right away. My sleep was better,” he recalls. Soon the treatments became routine: Mackenzie would go four times a week to chill out amid the icy vapors, wearing nothing but his spandex shorts, gloves, socks, slippers and headband to protect against frostbite. Most of his teammates adopted the regimen, too. In fact, there was usually a line for the pod after practice.

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The whole-body cryotherapy is not as effective at cooling intramuscular temperatures, it is unlikely to slow pain signals as effectively as ice does or to cool soft tissues enough to quell inflammation, Online Medical Store

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