Could I be Pregnant? Please give me some advice!


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Kim Snowling , Mother of 2 children, answered

Hi, ask yourself this simple question have you had unprotected sex?  If the answer is yes, then you could be pregnant. 

It is alway advisable that if you do not want to get pregant then you should always use protection; a condom, the pill, the coil, the injection and so on, all of which are easily accessible either through your doctor or family planning clinic.

However I am guessing that you are past this point, so I have a few early signs that you can look out for -

  • Missing a period - this is the most obvious sign, if this has happen it is worth taking a pregnancy test.
  • Morning sickness - this effects everybody differently.  You can just feel sick or you can vomit, or you can be lucky and not have it at all.  Also it is worth remembering that it can strike at any time of the day not just the mornings!
  • Going to the toilet a lot - with all the hormone changes that happen during the first trimester it can make toilet stops a lot more frequent.
  • Feeling exhausted - it is a side effect of the rise in the level of progesterone in your body.
  • A funny taste in your mouth - usually a metal taste.  It is also normal to go off everyday things like tea and coffee.  Personally I went off warm milk (so I had black teas) and yoghurts.
  • Changes in your breasts - your areola (the skin around your nipple) becomes noticeably darker and bigger.
  • Unexpected bleeding or cramps - this is due to the implantation of the fertilised egg into your womb.  It happens during week 3 and 4 and can cause some spotting.
If any of the things above are happening to you, then I would suggest you taking a pregnancy test (they are available at most supermarkets and chemists.)

The home pregnancy test are reliable and can give you a positive result from the first day of your missed period.

Of course if it is positive the next step is to see your doctor.

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