where can i get potassium cyanide?


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People are so stupid, they would rather give their guessed opinions than answer your question. Yes it is legal to receive in any state according to 1996 compassionate act of California and the us constitution article 4 section 1. Cannasense is willing to provide it's members with an attorney in case of any legal issues. A business would not guarantee a service if they couldn't provide it because they would otherwise be sued.Blurtit as brought ease to some of the solutions people require ,especially knowing all informations by these means message [email protected] or +1 (120) 900–1747 ….Blurtit number one source.

Now if you get caught doing something other than using your product privately, you could face the law

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I don't see anyone giving their opinions to your stupid question. What question are you looking at besides your own? Maybe you have been sampling your own product and you are seeing things? Hallucinations are a side effect of toxins, poisonings and illegal stuff. Please seek some professional and probably one day; legal help.
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LOL, What a goober!!!!
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