What is the best weight for a girl who is 14 and 5 foot 8?


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Youre 14.....you will go up and down until forever....eat what you want and exercise! Its the best advice. 5'8 at 14 years old...110, 120 pounds....but youd be a stick...5'8 and 14 years old and youre still growing?!?!? Ummm just keep eating girl!!! Dont worry about ur wieght...stay active and keep it moving! When you mature 140-160 is the ideal weight for women 5'9" and over....just keep adding 10 punds every 3 inches
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Well how much do you weigh? I'm 15, 5'3 140 pounds and curvy. Every body says I look like 20-130 though because a lot of weight goes to my butt and boobs (38 C) bleh.
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Is 9 stone too much?
Daisy Ryann
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I don't understand the term stone. How many pounds are in a stone?
Daisy Ryann
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Oh well figured it out. Not really. If you think 9 stone is too much on your frame then you'd really think i was fat cause I'm exactly 10 stone and I'm 4 1/2 inches shorter than you.

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