My girlfriend usually swallows hot dogs(frankfurters) whole without chewing. She sometimes swallows the whole package of 8 one after the other as a meal. She’s skinny and in great shape. Could this be harmful in any way for her?


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I don't believe you, sounds like the kind of question a troll would ask.

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Your girlfriend is a snake.

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THERE is just a WHOLE lot of nasty in that! Of course it's harmful! Have you read what's REALLY in hot dogs?!?!?! Pig parts mixed with other animals! Then have you ever read the package! It states to NOT give the end pieces to children under 3 or 5 because it is a choking hazard! She could choke swallowing the whole thing! You really need to stop making fun of this situation and/or "bragging" about your girlfriend insinuating she swallows it all... Chances are she can swallow three of your itty bitty teeny weeny to her ONE hot dog. Don't get too big of a head there boy! 😅😅😅

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So, lets be clear . . . You tell us a story meant to visualize your skinny girlfriend who is great shape putting phallic looking foods into her mouth . . .

For what purpose are you asking the question? How many times has the guy who holds the record for the most hotdogs eaten (at Nathan's of New York) died? . . . It's not super healthy but that is it.

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You put it so much more professionally then I did! Lol! ☺
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Possibly---but your answer also provided an interesting visual image.
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Lol! See, where would these people be without all of us guiding their sweet little lives!!!!

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