Is Smooking Weed Good For Our Health?


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I'm a chronic pain patient and have been since 1994. I was originally prescribed large doses of opiates for pain control and often felt more stoned on them than I ever had on cannabis.

About 6 years ago, when opiates began to have bad press I decided to withdraw myself slowly from them. It's an awful process and I resent that the pain clinic never bothered to inform me of the fact I'd end up addicted to opiates.

In 1998 I got one of the first Medical Marijuana cards available in Oregon. I'd used cannabis recreationally for decades but I now investigated pain control solutions with cannabis.

I'm almost completely off the very large doses of opiates I was originally prescribed and have used cannabis in several forms to ease both my withdrawal symptoms and help control the pain I originally had, along with new exciting pains and aches associated with getting old, such as arthritis and several broken bones.

Cannabis helps me with pain control a great deal. I understand others opinions that cannabis makes pain more tolerable for them, however for me, I no longer feel the sharp arthritis pain or the aching sciatica pain that often opiates didn’t help.

I use several different forms of cannabis as well s different THC?CBD strains-it’s been an experimentation to discover what form helps what symptoms. When my joints ache, the topical oil I make with coconut oil and a 50/50% CBD/THC bend is the most helpful thing I’ve ever used. It’s soothing and good for my skin also.

I also use RSO, canna capsules that I take 6 times a day, tinctures for immediate relied and, of course, my trusty old bong.Its sad that old tropes about cannabis are still being touted as trueisms, when actual studies disprove these.

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it could be.

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I don’t think it is

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Anything that you inhale after burning is damaging to your lungs.  Cannabinoids have been shown to have some therapeutic value in cases of epilepsy. Smoking weed is a way of getting cannabinoids, a very bad one.

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Smoking weed is addictive and it is an indisputable fact. There is now a more convenient way to experience the pleasure of consuming harmless and delicious CBD gummies, which have a very positive effect on many processes in the body, as proven by various studies, so I would recommend this natural supplement for health.

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Personally, I don't think so. Smoking is not good for health no matter it's cigarette or weed. In order to improve health overall, it's enough to keep a balanced diet, to work out regularly, and take essential vitamins. By the way, I bought vitamin B12 from Canada drugs direct last month and I am absolutely satisfied with these vitamins.

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It depends on what problems do you have. As I know smoking weed can help with mental health issues, but you should choose right weed strain to provide the best effect!

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