Is Shilajeet Good For Our Body And Health?


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Shilajeet is a highly recommended drug in Ayurvedic and folk- medicine systems. It is made of vegetable organic matter and minerals, is bitter in taste and the odour is distinctly similar to the urine of cow. The botanical name of Shilajeet is Asphaltum (mineral pitch). The traditional medicine from India is collected from steep rocks at an altitude as high as 1000 and 5000 m. Recent tests have shown that humification of resin-bearing plants was responsible for the major organic mass of Shilajeet. It contains 84 types of minerals in natural ionic form which are quite essential for the "equilibrium of energy metabolism" in our body

Shilajeet works effectively as a vitality increasing tonic. It helps in metabolism, stimulates our energy levels, fights against diabetes and regulates blood-sugar balance. It is ideal as a blood purifier and strengthens the digestive process. It dissolves tumour creation and promotes the action of minerals like calcium and magnesium into bone and muscle tissue. It boosts the immune system and acts as an anti-oxidant. Tests have shown that it works wonders as an anti-aging product and hastens the recuperation process. However the most popular use of Shilajeet is in building the sexual virility. It makes a person multi-orgasmic and increases the libido and fertility. The Kama Sutra, an ancient treatise on the art of love and sex, has comprehensively mentioned aphrodisiac properties of Shilajeet.

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