Hello Blurtit friends how do you feel about these violent shootings in El paso Texas and Dayton Ohio ? I just wanted to let you know my local Hospital had a bomb threat and also other surrounding Hospitals was not taking patients?


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Unfortunately Darren these are the times we live in now, you have to be ever vigilant when you're out In crowds. Sad but true!!!

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Thanks Willie . Yes i agree we just never know and we need to be careful when out in crowds . When i heard our own hospital only like 6 miles from me is on code black i just was in shock.
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It makes you wonder , is that person a hacker who can get hold of all of our local medical records online and contact us through phone or even at our homes yes this runs through my head , just how safe is our medical records at the hospitals we been at ?
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I remember the days where the only real "danger" you worried about in a movie theater or public place was a knife fight... oh yah and flu season or Ebola but that's just me! 😅
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The last two shootings caused me to make a decision I had been researching and debating with myself. I have ordered "Bulletproof Inserts" for my son's school backpack.

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Yes i agree so sad to think of this and when this happened with these hospitals all make me think if this is the same person that is related to the shootings . America is suppose to be land of the free but starting to make me question things ?
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Thanks for answering 🙏😇
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That is so sad. 😔 I do not trust any public schools. Between perverts, hormones, bullies and bullets how's a kid suppose to concentrate, learn and be safe now a days. 😔
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We have some very sick and just plain mean people in this world. I agree with Willie we live in very uncertain times. You have to be vigilant at all times. So sad.

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Get the feeling living on borrowed  time?

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This is not to cause a debate of course. This is my opinion and thoughts. First of all each generation thinks it's had it "the worst." Second of all each generation thinks it is nearing the "end times." In my opinion any and all generations need to be praying because I think only God can rescue now. We live in a very fallen and rebellious world. 😔

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It saddens me Darren. How can someone have little to no respect for another person's life ? What happened to live and let live?

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I usually refrain from commenting on the politics, policies and activities in other countries, after all, we haven't got a lot going well in the UK to be proud of right now.

BUT it does seem to me that in a country where firearms are so easy to obtain (The Walmart in Oxnard, near to where I used to live, had a "gun counter" when I was there) that in a country of 300 million people there will always be someone prepared and easily able to indulge in mass shootings.

In the UK, where gun ownership is VERY strictly controlled, deaths by firearm amounts to 0.23 deaths per 100,000 population. (Or roughly 1 death per 450,000 people). In the US, the equivalent figure is 12.21 deaths per 100,000 people (or roughly 1 death per 8,000 people).

You are 53 times as likely to be shot in the US as you are in the UK.**

We still have homicides of course, but they are usually stabbings, and not of the "mass homicide" sort. (And despite President Trump's assertion that London is some sort of badly-run dangerous conurbation, it's still a much safer place to be than most large American Cities).

Where they have been tried, gun controls have worked everywhere in the world, eventually.

** If you take out figures related to illicit drug dealing, the situation is even more extreme. Almost no-one innocently going about their business in the UK is ever shot, except by accident.

I'll go back to minding my own business again.

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It’s a world gone mad, Darren.

The one constant: It’s always getting worse. Leadership is void. Anger is rising.

I don’t hold to any of that “End Times” business, the world isn’t suddenly going to just end, but I am worried what the future holds for our grandkids.

Changing course starts with people responsibly raising their children, not pawning them off to first-person shooter games, social media and the fates. Providing wise counsel and aid to shape a child’s path toward a productive adulthood, and seek out all the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed. After feeding the kid, this is Job One. The One we owe ourselves  

Frankly, until we can evolve to where we spend more on education than on weapons and defense, we aren’t likely to achieve marked improvement in our situation overall.

One Stealth Bomber, or a new nuclear submarine costs as much as 20,000 college educations. The weapons will be obsolete in 30 years, whereas the learning would benefit the world for generations.

That is but a whiff of my disdain for the corrupt military-industrial complex. We all continue to be sold out by our leaders. 

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Mon Valley Hospital one of five places to receive bomb threats

Mon Valley Hospital was one of five separate public places in Washington and Allegheny counties that received bomb threats Thursday night.

Officials from the hospital, which is located in Carroll Township, said someone made the threat about 9:30 p.m.

Following hospital policy, staff swept the campus upon receiving the threat. Police and other emergency agencies were called in immediately.

Searches there and at the other locations revealed no bombs.

“Patient care was not affected,” said hospital spokeswoman Alyssa Zenobi.

The threats to the other locations – St. Clair Hospital in Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny Valley Hospital in Harrison Township, the Benedum Theater in Pittsburgh and D’s Six Pack and Dogs, a restaurant-bar in Swissvale – were reported to Allegheny County 911.

The threats occurred within a 90-minute window starting about 8 p.m.

Carroll police Chief Paul Brand said the FBI office in Speers was notified and sent someone to Mon Valley Hospital. He said his department is working with the bureau and counterparts in Allegheny County in the investigation.

Allegheny County police said the locations each received multiple calls, some of which sounded like recordings, from the same number with a Maine area code.

The calls weren’t necessarily made from that state, police added. The speaker was described as male and seemed to be the same person in each instance.

The threat against Mon Valley Hospital was made to the institution’s main operator line, Zenobi said.

She said local police and other agencies responded immediately. Patients were discharged if possible.

“We just kind of sped up their process so they could be in the comforts of their home and not in a stressful situation,” she said. The others remained in their rooms.

Firefighters blocked the driveways, but employees who were arriving for a shift change were let in if they showed identification. Ambulances were diverted to other facilities, and the campus was cleared around 11:30 p.m.

St. Clair spokesman Bob Crytzer said the hospital received a “non-specific” threat at about 9 p.m.

“Out of an abundance of caution and in keeping with established policy, St. Clair Hospital was searched and no explosive devices were found,” Crytzer added. “St. Clair worked closely with law enforcement to ensure everyone’s safety.”

He said the incident didn’t disrupt patient care. Ooperations were back to normal by 11:10 p.m.

Catherine Policicchio, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Pittsburgh, said the agency was “aware of the situation and we’re always helping our partners, and any other information would have to come from them.”

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