Hello friends have you ever needed Emergency room treatment. I wanted to warn you please be careful using MedExpress Urgent Care . I went there recently .Their not cut to be what they should. Please go to the Emergency room at your local Hospital?


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Sorry you had such a hard time, thank you for the warning though. :)

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They didn't bring up my records from my Family doctor and the doctor ended up prescribing Keflex which is antibiotic that doesn't always work for me cause my body became immune to it plus they needed me to tell them what I'm taking. In mean while this place had permission back in November 2016 , to bring up my records from my Family doctor but they failed to do so. Yes i think i will be filing a complaint with my Health insurance this is just not right of MedExpress Urgent Care and the last time i was there i was told by the same physician who waited on me not to vote for Hillary Clinton for US President. Yes, this doctor was wrong in so many ways and i don't care for his treatment. Thanks for reading this information.

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Thank you for your kindness :)
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If he told you not to vote for Clinton, just be glad you got out of there alive.

But seriously, urgent care facilities and Emergency rooms are two different animals.

And getting your medical records from your family doctor can be costly and a 3+ day process.

Do you carry---either in your wallet or on your cell phone---the ICE information list? (ICE = In Case of Emergency)

List all your medications, any medical conditions, and drug allergies---or drugs that you prefer not to take. (I dislike sulfa drugs---they work, but give me nausea.)

Great if you're unconscious; handy if you are at an urgent care facility.
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@Tom- Yes i agree . These places are for the books and Healthcare in the United States is gamble one takes . Thanks for your advice and thanks for your comment. Well appreciated :)

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