When when they drop this whole stupid virus crap?


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When there is no longer any significant threat to human health. When a vaccine becomes available. When there are few to no ICU’s treating new virus cases.

In case you are missing it, thousands of people are still dying every week from Covid-19.

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Probably not until there is a decent vaccine. I have heard of two people in the last few days who didn't take the virus seriously.  One of whom works with my niece. Both tested positive for covid. My niece's colleague, who swore the whole thing was a hoax, actually ended up in the hospital. Thankfully he made a quick recovery and was only in for two days. So until we have a vaccine, because there are always those who don't want to okay by the rules, we will be dealing with this. 

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When people start going by the Governors rules of each State this Country is going crazy and I don't know what will take it to get back to normal .. I have pre-existing health conditions so I go without a mask I got great risk coming my way ..Trust me if you don't want wear mask go for it but don't say I told you so. ..Sure the mask will only help 70 % but there is 30 % chance of the mask not keeping me away from someone sick with COVID-19

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I'd rather take the 30 % chance of the mask not working
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Could you translate that into understandable, explicable and sensible for the rest of us?
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Chill..nothing to worry about it...just keep a safe distance while going out and follow live news regularly

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