Why Am I Not Pregnant?


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I would say to go to the dr they can sometimes give you a pill that can help you have regular periods and help you become pregnant. Go to a store and buy a over the counter ovalation test it can give you a good idea when you are ovalating. :)
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At this point in time, I think you should go and see your doctor, and maybe they can help you out with it, or at least refer you to a specialist to find out what is going on. Hope this helps, good luck to you both.
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Does your husband drink or smoke, does he where tight pants?
These can cause a lower sperm count. Also if your not sure when you ovulate you may be able to tell by taking your temp daily it usually runs slightly higher  when you ovulate.
Good luck. And also they suggest going on a prenatal vitamin while trying to conceive.
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My husband doesn't drink or smoke and all he wears is boxers so I guess thats ruled out. But I'll start taking my temp daily now...thanks.
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It depends on how long you've been trying if it has been a long time then get tested
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Well, let me tell you girl I went through the same crap and the only thing that worked was making love with my husband the position they call "doggy-style" you should try it maybe it would work on you. It did on me and couple of my friends that wanted to get pregnant with there boyfriends and husbands, but anyways like I said I finally tried that position and now I am 3 months pregnant and very happy of course... So thats one thing you can do and if it doesn't work out than the only other thing you can do is go to a doc. And see whats going on with your body.... Well good luck
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Believe I've tried every position out there nothing works. I guess I will have to go to the doctor...I hate it. Thank you
Elisenda Carrillo
Your Welcome... And Good Luck on having a little one..

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