Why Do I Sometimes See Stars?


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In common parlance, this phenomenon is known as seeing stars. This condition is termed by medical practitioners as seeing flashing lights. There can be several causes of seeing flashing lights, which is also known as seeing stars.

Flashing lights, or jagged moving lights are usually associated only with migraine headaches. They occur prior to a migraine headache and are in both the eyes. However, it is not necessary that you suffer from a migraine attack after you see flashing lights. You may have a headache with no flashing lights or flashing lights and no headache. The latter condition is also known as an ophthalmic migraine.

Flashing lights are also caused either by pulling on the retina (which is associated with floaters) or by exercising too hard (this causes the circulation of the blood from the brain and eyes to the muscles to stop). This condition can be treated by consulting an ophthalmologist and having your retina examined.

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