I See Stars, Feel Lightheaded, Am Dizzy, And Fall To The Ground When I Get Up. What Could Be Wrong?


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Maybe your equilibrium is off due the beginning of a ear infection, high blood pressure is a possibility to. but it is best to see a medical professional to be sure. if necessary  please go to emergency!
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You need to get to the doctor as soon as you can if you haven't already done that. I don't know what it is, but you should not be fainting and falling for any reason normally. Hope this helps, get well.
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It sounds as though you are experiencing orthostatic hypotension, this is a fancy term for a blood pressure that drops too low when you stand up. Anyone who has this problem should change position slowly, but there is a need to see an MD to determine the cause of this problem. Could be as simple as dehydration, or much more complicated. Good luck and remember don't stand up too fast
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Did you take a pregnancy test?
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I suddenly saw stars from the left side of my eye it lasted about 15 minutes and left me with a really bad headache I couldnt focus at all and it was really scary
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Could range from hypoglycemia to diabetis 1, 2, anxiety/panick disorder, exhaustion, nutrient deficiency or infection.

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