How Are Large Lipomas In The Back Removed?


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A lipoma is a benign tumour. It is non-harmful unless it grows to a very large size and becomes painful. They are generally composed of fatty tissue and hence are soft to touch. They are usually painless and do not affect the neighbouring tissues. Lipoma is not treated unless it causes restriction of movement or becomes painful. Such lipomas can be removed by a surgery or simple excision. Generally, the tumour would not appear again after removal.

There is another method for the removal of a lipoma. It is called liposuction. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that helps remove this tumour. In this method a hollow tube or cannula and a suction instrument or aspirator is used to extricate the tumour. This surgery leaves no scar but can result in the reappearance of the tumour as liposuction does not remove the whole lipoma.

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