The Blood Of The Mother And The Fetus Do Not Normally Mix. Why This Is Important?


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In days past it was assumed that the primary route of communication between a mother and her child within the womb occurred through the placenta. This was what contributed to the mother and child bonding because the blood of the mother and that of her fetus would get mixed.

However, science and research has shown us that the blood of a mother and her unborn child never mixes, and if does, then the mother's blood would raise up an immunology protest. This could develop to such an extent that her body may wish to get rid of this unwanted object within her that has caused such a riot! In other words, the mother will start making so many antibodies that she will not be able to carry her baby at all. A mother and her baby have two distinctly separate blood systems, depending on the genetic contributions that the mother and father have made, and one must not and will never mix with the other.
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Mother and babies blood do mix together. If you are talking about the father having a positive blood type and yours is a negative blood type means the blood for the baby has two mixed blood antigens in it's body. If this is the case your Dr. Will be giving you rhogam shots to prevent this from happening and getting into your bloodstream. Don't worry ask your OB Dr. If this is the case.

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