How Do I Get Baby To Engage Before Labour?


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Optimal Foetal Positioning is a theory that was propounded by a midwife called Jean Sutton and an antenatal teacher by the name of Pauline Scott. They discovered that the position and the movement of the mother possibly influences the way the baby lies in the womb in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

According to them, the occiput anterior position is the most ideal position for the baby to be in before birth. In this position, the baby is positioned head down, facing the mother's back, with his back on one side of the front of the mother's stomach. This position facilitates the easy fitting of the baby through the pelvis. To get the baby to engage before labour, one should avoid positions like sitting back in armchairs, or leaning back, which can cause the baby to face the stomach. The ideal things to do are sit kneeling upright, or using yoga positions while doing ordinary tasks. Swimming in breaststroke style is also considered greatly effective.
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I've heard that lying head down on a slant board is a good way to get the baby's head down. I tried it once but I don't know if it made a difference. This was recommended by my doc, BTW.

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