Can A Clipped Brain Aneurysm Come Come Back?


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An aneursym certainly can come back. Usually not right at the same sight but somewhere around there. An aneurysm is a ballooning out of an artery which is like a pouch of blood, and can burst at any time. If you experience any of the symptoms you had, get back to the Dr. If you have some of these symptoms go back: Excessive nose bleeds, nausea, light headness, double vision, severe headaches, drainage from ears sensitivity to light, etc.
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I'm not sure if your asking if a blood clot could come back at the clip area or if you can get another aneurysm at that site. First, you can get another blood aneurysm near the clipped area. An aneurysm is a ballooning out of an artery. To much pressure could be placed around the site causing a clot to form i.e. An aneurysm. You will have about the same symptoms. Headaches, double vision, dizzyness, nausea, sensitivity to light ,nose bleeds, drainage from ears and a few more. If at anytime you experience anything like what you went thru before don't hesitate to go back to your Dr.

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