Can I Eat Dry Fruits During Pregnancy?


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Firstly, congratulations, for you are to be a mother!

There are very many kinds of dry fruits,some of them may be of some benefit to you, and others may not. Some of the varieties that will have great health benefits during your pregnancy include:

  • The Pecan, which is rich in protein and contains amino acids, the vitamins, and can help to build up the strength of your developing baby's brain, while at the same time reducing blood fats.

  • The Scend, - which is an abalone fruit - can strengthen the cerebrum which helps greatly with memory. This fruit may do a lot of good for your developing baby's intelligence.

  • The Walnut, can also strengthen the cerebrum to and help with memory. Besides this, it includes the phosphatides that help with the growth cell vigor function, which can strengthen organism resistivity.

Other dry fruits beneficial to you include the peanut, the almond, the melon with seeds, and so on.

Of course, it is always best to consult your doctor on any worries you may have during your pregnancy.

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Dried apricots contain a lot of iron. So they can be eaten as a healthy pregnancy snack!
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Sure as long as they r nutrisios
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Eat healthy just as you should when you aren't pregnant. The only major differences will be the amount you consume. The fact that there should be no alchohol, smoking, or of course drugs. And caffiene is usually wise not to have much of. Add a prenatal multivitamin to that and your diet should be fine. You are growing a human, it'll need the same nutrition as every other human does.
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Dear  In This condition you may also eat these foods, or grains as you like so don't worry and eat any thing that you like to eat.

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