What Does It Mean When Your Menstrual Blood Is An Orange Color?


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There are no clear reasons as to why this has occurred so it is advisable to see a doctor or nurse as soon as possible. There is however, one major deficiency that causes women's menstrual cycles to be affected and this is a lack of iron, a condition more commonly known as anaemia. Due to the lack of iron circulating in the blood you may experience a longer period. In some cases anaemic menstruation can become serious and result in light or unpredictable periods including occasional missed periods.

In terms of the menstrual cycle and how you can contract anaemia, you need to understand that iron is absorbed in the blood and flows through the body, women that reach a child bearing age tend to lose about a quarter cup of blood during every menstrual cycle. This means that some of the iron is lost during your period and if over time you are not compensating your iron intake through diet and supplements then you may contract anaemia.

In order to treat anaemia, premenopausal women are requested to have a daily amount of 15 mg per day for iron; however, this amount doubles during pregnancy. The treatment consists of a vitamin supplement which aims to keep hold of the body's iron as well as a diet which is rich in iron. If you need to change your diet to adhere to your iron needs then you should consider eating certain foods such as poultry, fish, meat, prune juice, dried fruits, whole grain bread and iron fortified pasta.
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I asked my internist, he referred me to my OBGYN, then I asked my pain mgmt dr.,.he mentioned to get full blood panel tests on my liver and kidney. My OBGYN did not  think it necessary to get the liver -kidney tests.
However, I was very low-deficient on B-12,  Ferratin-Iron, and Vit D, I have Fibromyalgia-chronic fatigue so my immune system is low.
After a month on the supplement Natures Plus Hema-Plex, (got on it has iron , B-12,  , I have more energy and no more orange blood.
My OBGYN, found a classical nebothian cyst on my Cervix. He said not to worry about the orange colored blood I had for 1st day of my period. He explained that yellow mucus mixed with red blood can make orange blood. Perhaps I had a tiny cyst break and the yellow mucus came out, mixed with the red became orange. I am taking 200mg vit B, get B-12 shots and take the daily Iron and my lower eye lids, and inside of my lips are not orange anymore. So the Iron has helped me there. I took double the doss of Iron for the first week, as I was so very low.
I hope this helps others.
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Do I have to worry. If the blood comes orange is my first time that something to like that happened to me or should I go. See my doctor thank you nena

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