How Many Eggs Are Released In A Monthly Period?


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Usually one, but on rare occasions, there may be two producing twins.  If using drugs to help become empregnated, fertility drugs, then sometimes several eggs will be release at a time, often causing dangerous multiple births.  Many woman who use this technique will opt to abort the smaller fetuses if they have little chance to survive and allowing for the healthy fetuses to grow and be strong.  Often, if they do not use this option, all will be born, but more likely will not survive
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Most of the time it's only one, but the possibility of two(or more) exists. The chance for two ova to mature and be released is roughly 10%, possibly resulting in twins if fertilized, though thats not the only way you can have twins(in reference to PBfan4). You can also have twins if one or more sperm managed to fertilize an egg. It goes both ways, and massive births generally occur(and are so rare because) it requires both multiple eggs to be released and multiple fertilizations.
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Most women only drop one egg per cycle but sometimes they drop more. When you see a woman pregnant with more than one child, more than one egg dropped.

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