What Causes A Sharp Shin Pain When Sleeping?


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There are a number of conditions that could trigger shin pain whilst sleeping, 'shin splints' being the most obvious diagnosis - but there are several other possibilities.

Shin pains during the night

Shin splints is a common term used to indicate a painful condition in the shins or the front of the lower legs.

The usual cause is inflammation of the tibia's periostium (the sheath around the bone).

It is often caused by jumping or running on tiptoes, or sprinting over hard surfaces. If you've recently taken up jogging or have started using your leg muscles in a way that you wouldn't have done previously- it is highly likely this could be the cause of your pain.

Why are my shins hurting at night?

If there are any other ailments that you suffer from, then these might be related to your shin problems. For example. People who have circulatory or heart problems often complain of pain in various parts of the body.

Another possible cause is fibromyalgia - a disorder that is related to a painful build up of pressure in the body.

Shin pain can also be a symptom of something called compartment syndrome, and in extremly painful cases might even be a sign that you have a compound fracture.

I would recommend visiting your doctor and getting him/her to give your a thorough checkup, perhaps suggesting that he or she investigate some of the above conditions.
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I was just explaining this to another person- it could be due to:

  • poor circulation,
  • chair too high
  • not enough movement during the day
  • crossing of one's legs is also a really bad culprit
Try moving around a few times a day and, if sitting a lot, either get a lower chair or a foot stool.

The back of the thighs, when chair is too high, will cut off circulation.

A low dose of coated aspririn taken daily can also alleviate pain, but I strongly suggest some activity like getting up every hour to stretch legs.

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