What Are The Reasons For The High WBC (white Blood Cell) Count (abnormally Like 430,000? Please Let Me Know Urgently.


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Considering that the average white blood count (or WBC) is rarely higher than 10,000 unless you are taking steroids or another type of medication, you should seek medical attention urgently. However, the fact that you have just received these results does suggest that you are already in touch with a doctor or physician who will be able to treat you appropriately and provide you with advice. If you don't understand any of the results that have been delivered on the test, make sure you get in touch with them immediately, ask for an explanation, and a course of treatment to ensure the WBC (which is 43 times higher than the maximum level) is brought down.

Now - even though a strong white blood cell count can be really promising when protecting you against infections and dangerous bacteria that can attack the immune system and make you ill, it can equally dangerous when it reaches these levels. Normally, a high WBC can be an indicator of leukaemia, but you shouldn't self-diagnose online. Instead, make sure that you are receiving plenty of advice on whether or not you are presenting any of the other symptoms associated with this type of cancer.

The final explanation could be if there was a mistake in your test results. Although unlikely, it could be possible - especially considering your anomalous results. You shouldn't dismiss your WBC results as a mistake straight away, though - make sure that you do seek more advice before forgetting about the matter altogether. You have taken one step in the right direction by asking this question.
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White Blood cells are the kind of cells that control the immunce mechanism and defend the body against infectious diseases and other foreign objects. If you have High count of WBC, that means you have an infection or an allergy or you are under severe stress. The normal WBC count is 4,500-10,000 white blood cells/mcL. If you have a WBC count of more than the above numbers you might be at risk of the following diseases:
Infectious diseases
Inflammatory disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis or allergy)
Severe emotional or physical stress
Tissue damage (for example, burns)
So I suggest see your doctor at your earliest.
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White Blood Cells are part of our immune system. The job of the White Blood cells is to protect the body against infectious diseases and foreign materials.

An increase in the White Blood cells count depicts and increase in the disease fighting cells (leukocytes) in the blood. A WBC count of more than 10,500 in a micro liter of blood is considered as high. However, it varies with age and gender of an individual.

High White Blood cell count is caused by an infection, a reaction to some drug, a disorder of immune system and in severe cases, because of a disease of bone marrow. Your doctor must conduct appropriate blood tests and other tests to get to know the exact cause. Get your husband tested for the bone marrow disease because normally this does not show up in normal blood test.
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Please see your doctor immediately. I don't want to alarm you, or maybe I should because you shouldn't put it off any longer. I had a very high WBC, and antibiotics didn't reduce it significantly. My doctor sent me to a hematologist who diagnosed me with CML, chronic myeloid leukemia. That was two years ago. I take one pill everyday, and I'm in remission. I know it's frightening, but it can be treated. They can't cure it, but people can still live a normal life. Please don't wait. Take care of yourself.
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White blood cells are cells of the immune system, responsible for protecting the body from infection or inflammation and malignancy.

Normal WBC count is 4,500 - 10,000 WBC per microliter of blood.

A WBC of less than 500 places the patient at risk for a fatal infection

A WBC over 30,000 indicates massive infection or a serious disease such as leukemia.

If steroids are given to a healthy person, the WBC will be high.
However, if steroids are given to a person with an infection, the infection can spread significantly without producing an expected WBC rise. So if you are taking corticosteroids, you may or may not have an infection.

However, to make an exact diagnosis, one must know all your signs and symptoms and test results. One cannot make a diagnosis on your WBC alone, nor should you make an assumption on it alone.
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Having a WBC count to the degree you have is very serious. It indicates a very serious disease. I hope your Dr has discussed this issue with you. If not I would tell you to get a hold of him right now and have him explain to you what is going on. Better yet schedule a consult with him, although they should be calling you first. I wish all the luck!
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If your Doctor suspects an infection, has he ordered a blood culture to see if there's anything there? Are there any other outward symptoms?  Its possible that he may have a bacterial infection such a staph. Or strept. Infection,, or even possibly some sort of parasite infection.There are many many types of each and its worth the investigation to look into it. Also, Has the Doctor done a complete red cell count WITH a manual Differential; paying attention to both the white cell morphology and the red cell morphology? Ask him about these things. Good luck.
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If you know you have a high white cell count then I expect you're having tests to determine why. It means your body is fighting some disease or infection, and its best you get a diagnosis as soon as possible.
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This is very abnormal.  If your white count is 430,000, you must be evaluated by a physician immediately.
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What would   cause and white cell count of 29500 in a3 year old girl and hives but no other systoms?

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