What Causes High White Blood Cells? I Am 7mths Pregnant & My Doctor Ran Sum Blood Tests On Me And My White Blood Cell Count Is Extremly High. It's Supose To Be A Count Of 6 And Mine Is 18..does Anyone Know What It Might Be?


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You could  have  a  infection  thats  what  I  was  always  told
It  could  be  anything  ranging  from   the flu  or  maybe  a  
virus  of  some   sort
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Thats wat my doctor said yesturday when i saw her..but she said it cant be a virus or ythe flu because i havnt had a fever..she acted like it was pretty serious..she was supose to talk to my obgyn and call me last night,but never herd from anybody! If i wasnt pregnant i wouldnt woryy about it but i dont want any infection getting to my baby..thank you for your answer,i just want to know what kind of infection i have exactly & im getting no answer :(..thank you again!
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Hi I am 6months pregnant and went to see my mid-wife last week she told me I had white blood cells in my urine so she has sent it off to the doctor she said it will just be a infection.  I wouldn't worry about it as if it is anything serious they will deal with it asap.
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I am nearly 8 months pg and during routine blood test the results came back as elevated white cells. Up at 17.4. When I took results to my Obs he said in later stages of pregnancy the normal range is higher than in a non pregnant woman. He said he would accept anything up to 15 and perhaps I had infection, to get it rechecked in two weeeks. A couple of days later I developed a urinary tract infection, even though the nurse tested my urine on the day I got blood test done and it was clear.
Anyway retested there on wed after course of anti b's. Got results today and they are back at 14. So I'm happy enough this was the cause.
Gp wants me to re check them again in a month but insisted no hurry on them if I wanted to wait until after the birth.
I hope this helps you with your question. I know when I heard 17.4 I nearly died, but the fact that wbc are elevated in late pregnancy it is more than likely you have an infection that hasnt presented itself yet.

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