How Long Will It Take To Recover And Go Back To Work After The Surgery?


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Having nerves burnt in back
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It depends upon the kind of surgery that is performed on you to decide the duration in which you can resume your normal life and return to the work.

If we take the example of the operation of appendicitis it is a quite easy process and in normal course you can resume your normal routine even within a week or in less time. The only precaution that you will have to take is to give no stress to yourself and for few days avoid doing heavy work.

There are some surgeries like heart transplant that require very subtle care and if that kind of surgery is performed on you; it certainly takes a long time for you to resume your work. In that case the advice of your doctor is the only one you should pay heed to and never visit any other source to take any kind of information as your doctor is the only one who has the access to your problems.

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