How Long Must One Take Levothyroxine?


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I take 75MCG of Levothyroxine tab .The doctor said that I was border line and I would have to
take it for life is this true?
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Levothyroxine is the most common method of treatment for the condition which is known as hypothyroidism. It takes a long time to be assimilated by the organs in the human body. It usually takes between three and six weeks of treatment for an adult to experience improvement, though the patient begins to feel better after about two or three weeks of treatment.

Some patients can begin the initial procedure of treatment of hypothyroidism by taking full replacement doses of the hormones that cause the condition which is medically known as hypothyroidism. Young adults who have a short history of hypothyroidism are able to tolerate a full initial dosage. As they grow older, the dosage needs to build up gradually. The dosage typically starts at about fifty micrograms per day. It increases to a dosage of between 100 micrograms and 150 micrograms after an interval of about three to four weeks.

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