How Long Should One Take Ligaplex?


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Ligaplex is mostly constituted of Manganese Glycerophosphate, Carbaminde, veal bone extract, wheta germ etc. There are two types, Ligaplex I and Ligaplex II. Ligaplex II consists of Super-Eff that is used for persons having degenerative conditions like arthritis. Ligaplex II is generally prescribed for older people, while Ligaplex I is generally used by young individuals who have strained their ligaments. Most of the ingredients in the two are basically the same, with the only difference being the Super-Eff.

Ligaplex protects the body from normal wear and tear, weak joints, intervertebral discs and of course ligaments. It also helps to preserve a healthy bone structure. It also improves the metabolism process in the body.

For a correct dosage of Ligaplex, one should consult the doctor, as the dose may very from case to case.

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