I Am Pregnant And Worried That A Pulsating Neck Pain. Might Be A Sign Of High Blood Pressure?


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Shirley McLean answered
When you are pregnant, you have about 1/3 more blood volume than normal running through your blood vessels.  So pulsating neck veins aren't uncommon, but the pain should be discussed with your OB/GYN.  Sometimes, the jugular, or subclavian veins bulge more than normal, and pain could develop.  The subclavian vein is exactly what it sounds like when you break it down....sub, meaning beneath, and clavian, meaning clavicle.  The clavicle is the bone commonly called the collarbone.  So, I'm referring to the vein that goes beneath the clavicle, but it can also be seen in the neck if it is fuller than normal, and pulsting. Your OB/GYN should be monitoring your blood pressure.  If not routinely done during your visits, ask to have it checked.  Remember, your doctor works for YOU.

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