What Happens When White Blood Cell Eat Up All The Red Blood Cells?


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Usually this problem would be caused by a disease called immune haemolytic anemia. This is a disease of the immune system where, simply put, the immune system begins to destroy itself. The red blood cells in the body are slowly destroyed resulting in a number of symptoms and problems.

Usually red blood cells will live for around 120 days however a person suffering from immune haemolytic anemia will have red blood cells which are prematurely destroyed. This is due to the body's immune system mistaking normal, healthy red blood cells for foreign cells in the body and destroying them as if they were a virus.

There are a number of symptoms which could suggest that a person may have immune haemolytic anemia, such as;

• Noticeably darker urine
• Dizziness or fainting
• Change of skin tone; either to a yellowy tone or to an obviously paler shade
• Heart murmur or faster heart rate
• Being short of breath
• Cramp and pins and needles
• Feeling general tired or lethargic

If any combination of these symptoms are present and last for more than a couple of days, it is important to visit a GP. Scans can be done to test for immune haemolytic anemia, although other possible causes of the symptoms will also be tested for. Treatments can vary massively from person to person. These treatments can be anything from a simple change in diet to surgery depending on factors such as age, severity, patience choice and tolerance of medications.

This disease is not usually life threatening although if left untreated it could eventually result in death, especially in more vulnerable people.
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You will die.
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It only happens when you get another persons  blood inserted into you...

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