How Long Does It Take To Get Pot Out Of Your Unborn Baby's Blood Stream?


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Even just smoking 1 time can remain in your child's system 30 days at least. Not only will it stay in your baby's system a long time but any drug use during pregnancy can be detected in the placenta or the baby's first stool.. Both of which can be tested at the hospital. There is nothing you can do to get it out. This is standard testing at hospitals these days.
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Just don't smoke/take ANYTHING while pregnate!! If you have I would stop an
do everything I could at this point to be super healthy...lots of sleep, fruit, veggies,
and milk for the both of you.
Best of luck!!
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Oh yeah thats responsible, get your baby stoned a few times before it's even born! Some people really shouldn't breed if all they want to do is turn their brains to mush.
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If you were that worried you wouldn't have been around them, I cant abide the stuff and will either ask people not to skin up or smoke in front of me or I'll leave the room. Bloody simple!
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Really that is not the question at hand the serious issue is you most likely will be arrested and charged with child endangerment. I think you have more important issue to worry about right now rather than how to get it out of the child's body. Oh and you will loose the child to the state while your going to prison. This IS factual information by the way !!!!! And just to let you know, you can't get it out of the child's body, It will be there for the next 15 months

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