Can Drinking Coconut Water Help Kidneys When You Have Chronic Kidney Disease?


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Check with your doctor. The only potential hazard would be the extremely high level of potassium found in coconut water.   Damaged kidneys do not regulate potassium levels as well as healthy ones.   Drinking large amounts of coconut water could raise your serum potassium levels to a dangerous level and cause multiple problems, up to and including severe cardiac issues.
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If you have chronic kidney disease you should talk with your doctor before even thinking about trying any type of home remedy.  It could well cause you more problems than you have now by interfering or reacting with one of your current medications.  Never try to self medicate.  This sounds safe enough but only your physician can tell you how your body will react to coconut water since he is the one who knows just exactly where you are in the area of kidney failure.  You certainly do not want to stress your kidneys any more than they are  currently.
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Yes it can. I tested it and got cured.
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The kidney function has been damaged in some degree if you have Kidney disease, so as a patient with CKD you should keep to a light diet and do not take too much protein. Coconut Water is rich in protein,so you'd better not drink too much.

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