What Can Be Done To Prevent A Hernia?


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The strengthening and improvement in the tone of the abdominal muscles is one thing that can be done to prevent a hernia. Simply cultivating the habit of good posture, walking, standing, and sitting erect will be a great help. And since overweight, as well as an overloaded alimentary canal, is conducive to hernias, moderation in food and drink should also be practiced. Obviously a rupture or hernia can more readily occur where the muscles are fat and flabby.
Since hernias are not uncommon among muscular athletes, it is apparent that not just any exercises will help to compensate for an inherited defect that may result in a hernia. Exercises selected should be those that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. These include climbing stairs, jogging, push-ups, horseback riding and, especially, bicycle riding. All these tend to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen as well as contribute to one's general health.

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