Siphene 50 Mg Is Taken To Cure What?


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Infertility due to inadequate oestrogen production, usually only in women.

And specifically if the infertility stems from malfunction in the hypothalamous or pituitary glands, AND this misfunction has led to inadequate oestrogen production.

As a result, without treatment, such women will have annovulatory periods -- when they have periods even though their ovaries don't release eggs to be fertilised.  Siphene literally kickstarts the brain glands into producing more oestrogen, which in turn stimulates the follicles of the ovaries and ultimately, ovary eggs to be ripened and released.

Siphene is an American and international name; it is marketed as "Clomid" in the UK. The generic/technical name for the drug is "Clomiphene citrate".

The typical treatment dose is 50mg for just the first 5 days of a woman's cycle (from when she starts bleeding).  

You can buy Siphene/Clomid over the Internet without a prescription, but you really shouldn't.  There are all sorts of contra-indications, such as for women with a history of liver disease or tumours in the ovaries or brain.  And it doesn't help women who are having fertility problems for other reasons (it won't unblock fallopian tubes, for instance).

Siphene may be prescribed for male infertility very occasionally.

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Siphene is an ovulation inducer because it contains clomiphene citrate. So, this medicine is used to cause ovulation in ladies who are not ovulating and having problems with conception.
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Siphene contains clomiphene citrate which is an ovulation inducer. Siphene 50 mg is used for 5 days to induce ovulation in women who have endogenous estrogen production but not having ovulation. If Siphene 50 mg is not effective then Siphene 100 mg is used.

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