What's The Best Cure For A Hangover?


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Probably the best hangover cures are those that directly tackle the number one cause of hangovers - alcohol generated dehydration. 
 The antidote to this is, not surprisingly, drinking lots of water. 

Try and drink at least a pint of water before you go to bed after your heavy night out and drink lots more water next day. Painkillers can help you feel better, though they may irritate your stomach. 
 A fried English breakfast may also put strain on your already-struggling digestive system but you will enjoy a much-needed energy boost from all those calories, plus eggs and meat are rich in Cysteine, an amino acid thought to help clear toxins from the body. 
Fruit juice is good for replacing lost vitamins, boosts energy and helps combat toxins. Lots of sleep will give your hard-working body a welcome break. 
Prevention can be better than cure: eating, and drinking a glass of milk, before you go out will line the stomach against, and slow the absorption of, alcohol. 
 When you're out, a glass of water between alcoholic drinks will also lessen the chances of your waking up with that killer hangover next morning. 

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The best way to beat a hangover is to ensure that you are fully hydrated and fed before going out. This will slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream and make the after effects less painful. Avoid darker drinks as they contain more congeners which are the hangover inducing chemicals. Make sure that for every alcoholic drink you have, you drink a glass of water. This will keep you hydrated but will also help keep your alcohol consumption levels low.

Eat a little something before you sleep to settle your stomach. Try and get your eight hours sleep to let the body recover, and hydrae yourself if you awake. When you awake, drink more water and eat cereal or drink fruit juice to replace lost blood sugars. This will help curb sweating, dizziness and weakness. Take gentle exercise to get the oxygen pumping and kick-start your circulation which will be sluggish. This will help with headaches.
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I have found the best cure for a hangover!

There is a product called Motillium. This has the ingredient domperidone in it. This is used for two main sets of symptoms

  • Stomach discomfort -  bloating, feeling too full/acid reflux
  • Nausea and being sick

Motillium works in two ways.

  • It physically causes the muscles at the neck of your stomach to tighten, preventing anything coming up from your stomach. At the same time, it starts the caterpillar like movement of your intestines, so causes your digestion to speed up and your bowels to loosen.
  • It stops your brain communicating irritations from the stomach to the receptors in the brain, preventing the urges to be sick, thus preventing one symptom of a hangover which is to feel like throwing up.

If you take two motillium before going to bed, or first thing in the morning with lots and lots of water, you won't get a headache or be sick, but you will still feel very tired whilst your liver tries to recover.

As ever with any medication, even counter bought, please read the side effects. You must not take this if you are pregnant, have any issues with your pituitary gland or have ever suffered from palpitations/irregular heartbeat.

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I very rarely have hangovers.. But I have had one or two.. Best thing we do here in Scotland... Is to have a hair of the dog that bit you . Worked for me .. It means have a drink of whatever you had the night before.
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Actually greasy foods are you friend when you have a hangover. Go to your favorite fast food place and get the biggest greasiest meal lol it works, take some tylenol and drink some sort of fruit juice....finish the day off with some water!
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A big, greasy breakfast (seriously, cook everything in bacon grease) and a whole lot of water/sports drink.
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Like Jojoblu, I have drunk my share of alcoholic beverages and had my share of hang-overs.  And I came to the same conclusion she did - it is not worth the morning after to get drunk the night before.  Occasionally, with maturity, comes wisdom.
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Pre med student here. Please disregard all answers except the ones telling you not to drink. However if you want to continue drinking alcohol in excess (binge) please do the following (remember everyones body is different you must regualte the amount of water with your metabolic rate:

Drink water all day to exceed the amount in ounces that you will be drinking later.

Eat high fat content meal before going out. Burgers, friend chicken, fries, etc.

I assure that if you follow this you will never encounter a hangover again. Remember everyone is different in terms of metabolism so find out how much you need to drink and eat to avoid the dehydration and alcohol absorption rate.
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Don't drink....come on.  The night before, after you've been drinking, drink a very large glass of water, take 1 gram of vitamin c, a B-complex tablet, and three aspirins.  If you are able to take these things.  B-complex can make you nauseated, so somehow, stuff down a piece of bread or some crackers.  Party On!!!!
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The one time I had it (I hate you tequila), a friend who experienced FREQUENT hangovers said "Eat greasy food and/or foods fried in fat. Like McDonalds burgers or donuts." I did this and to my surprise it took most of the symptoms away . . .

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1. Eat before, during, and after drinking

2. Drink plenty of water!

3. Drink quality

4. Know
when to stop drinking

if you just do not want to try these ways out, you can just go for Dotshot – Best way to Prevent Hangover. It consists of natural
ingredients and essential vitamins to avoid Hangover Headache.

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Do Not Take Tylenol - if you drink alcohol and take tylenol your liver will suffer. Advil or Aleve are better for your liver. Even if you drink moderately - tylenol will affect your liver badly.
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Any type of analgesic (pain killer) will cause toxic exposure to the body. Please do not answer questions without knowledge of the factual answer. Normative statements are not for medical use.
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There is no cure for a hangover. A hangover is caused because your body is breaking down the menthenol/ethenol you have ingested. It is very difficult for it to do so. Things make ease it a bit, like advil for the headache, or eating, but it only prolongs the inevitable...

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