How Do I Do A Home Detox?


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The first step in the process of detoxification at home is to flush out the toxins from your body. These include foods which are rich in salt and refined sugar, alcoholic beverages and caffeine. Salty foods cause a person to retain fluid and look puffy, foods which are rich in refined sugar cause spikes in a person's blood sugar levels, thereby increasing his or her cravings, and alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks cause dehydration. These toxins can be flushed out of one system by consuming eight glasses of water plus fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

The next step is to nourish (that is, to feed) oneself, which means you have to eat something. However, it must be kept in mind that you have to avoid consuming red meat, dairy products, salty foods, foods which are rich in refined sugar, alcoholic beverages and caffeine. You can soothe yourself by taking a bath with water which has been mixed with Epsom salts, jojoba oil, etc. to expel the toxins through the pores of your skin and then you must beautify yourself by using a face pack which comprises yoghurt, lemon juice and honey.

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