How Do I Fix A Torn Muscle In My Elbow?


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There are three strategies you can try to aid the recovery of a torn muscle in the elbow. These are pain medication, makeshift splint and an ice or cold compression.

A torn muscle in your elbow can be very painful and so pain medication should be taken to bring the pain to a more tolerable level. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications are the best in this situation to both sooth pain and reducing the swelling and inflammation that will occur with any muscle tear.

You are also advised to apply some form of splint to help immobilise the area where the muscle tear has occurred to prevent further damage. Stopping additional movement will also decrease the pain until you are able to see a doctor.

When trying to manage a torn triceps muscle, you may need an ice or cold compress to stop the swelling. The initial symptoms for a torn triceps would be pain along the elbow. The area of injury will appear swollen and tender with limited range of motion along the elbow. First aid treatment for an injured triceps would be the application of a cold compress to reduce the swelling. The elbow should be placed in a resting position to avoid further pain.

Doctors will likely need an X-ray to view the extent of damage. X-ray is a form of imaging that will allow better visualisation on the internal injury resulting from a torn triceps. The doctor obtains a more reliable examination to help prescribe the best treatment for the condition, such as choosing either conventional or non-surgical treatment or a surgical treatment approach to correct the damage.

With a completely torn triceps muscle, surgical treatment is common.
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The only way you can be certain you have a torn muscle in your elbow is with a diagnostic X-ray. If, you have had an X-ray and a Radiologist has made this diagnosis, then the only thing you can do is follow the orders of the doctor.

If you have injured your elbow and have not seen a doctor then I encourage you to do this. Torn muscles can be very painful and often can grow worse if not treated properly. You may need medication and you may need your arm temporarily immobilized.

I hope you will get medical advice soon and heal quickly!

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