How Many Types Of Abscesses Are There In General?


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In general, there are eight common types of abscesses we can observe. They are –

• Boils and Carbuncles: In this type of abscess, sebaceous glands and surface are of the skin are the primary targets for infection.

• Psoas abscess: In this type of abscess, the psoas muscles are the primary target area of infection. The infection, initiated from the appendix, spreads through the large intestine or fallopian tubes.

• Liver abscess: This type of abscess can be caused by means of infected blood flow to the liver. The infection may occur due to interaction with bacteria, parasites or other micro-organisms.

• Lung abscess: This may happen as a counterpart of pneumonia.

• Pilonidal abscess: This type of abscess occurs as a result of defective birth – an individual who is having a tiny opening just above the anus since the birth may have this type of abscess.

• Butin abscess: This form of abscess is generally originated as a result of stimulating pyogenic organisms due to bacterial strain. This may be found at different locations of the body.

• Dental abscess: This type of abscess is found around the root of the teeth.

• Retropharyngeal, parapharyngeal and peritonsillar abscess: Retropharyngeal abscess may be caused as a result of blood-borne bacterial infection, which leads in difficulties in swallowing and breathing. On the other hand, parapharyngeal and peritonsillar abscesses can be caused due to deep-rooted bacterial infection that may develop as a result of throat infection and tonsillitis.

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