What Is Yeast, What Causes It And How Can It Be Prevented?


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Yeast infections can be a really big pain for women who suffer from them and it can also be a bit of an embarrassing problem to deal with too. The bad thing is, if you do get a yeast infection, it is more than likely that it will return again at some time later in your life. The good thing however, is that there are ways to try and prevent the yeast infections from occurring again.
It is important for a woman to keep their genitals and the surrounding area as clean as possible. It should be made sure that the entire area is washed every time a shower is taken. Afterwards the area needs to be dry before getting dressed. Where ever possible, it is advised to avoid wearing any tight clothing, and it may be a good idea to use cotton underwear.
Foods and vitamins can also play a big part in helping to prevent yeast infections. It is best to consume as many vegetables, grains and proteins as possible. Overall there are many medications you can also buy in your local pharmacy if you do develop a yeast infection, so you shouldn't have to suffer for too long!
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A yeast is a micro-organism and a part of the kingdom Fungi. They are eukaryotic, and reproduce asexually, by budding and also by binary fission. Most of the yeasts are single-celled, i.e., unicellular, though there are some multicellular species as well. Yeasts,as mentioned earlier, are micro-organisms, and are about 3 to 7 microns in diameter. Some yeasts grow to approximately 40 μm in diameter.    Yeasts do not require light for growth. They grow using organic compounds, and are also termed chemo-organotrophs.    Yeasts have a lot of good uses. Since they grow in organic compounds, they are used in the fermentation process, to bake bread, manufacture beer, etc.    However, yeasts can also cause infections in people, as well as spoil good food. Yeasts can spoil food by growing on the food surface and releasing metabolic products that alter the physical, chemical, as well as sensory properties of food.    Maintaining a medium to high PH environment is a good way to ensure that yeast growth does not happen.

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