How To Clean Body System From THC Over Night?


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Dude drink like a lot of water.!! And make sure you pee a lot 2.! Just say that you were work in out or something that you were drink in a lot of water or that you get thirsty if they suspect anything.
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Best and free way of getting thc out of system is.. To drink plenty of water (bottled) not tap... Also you must drink welchs grape juice* not soda. And if possilbe drink cornoa beer, and or hard liquor. Brooklyn-
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You can try and drink sure gel but you are probably out of luck.I also got terminator gold.I have seen it at a tobacco might can get it at a head shop.Good luck.
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Here's a link that might help you.  You can't get it out of your system, but can at least try to beat the test.
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Go to a store where they would sell pipes and stuff and get a drug flush you drink it like anywere between 6 to 24 hours befor testing some times gnc or stores like that will have it are but on line I only know this because my best friend smocked and had to take random ua s or better yet don't do it oh and you can use some one eleses pee just keep it at body timp. But like I said don't do it
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There is no way you can do that. If you even try some substance to try and clear it the test does pick it up now.  Why would you risk this if it is important to you? If you smoke THC regularly it will take up to m30 days to get out of your system.
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my brother smoked a joint and had applications in to some companies, he was'nt expecting to be called already.He smoked a joint with who ever two week's in a row.Im just trying to help him pass hiss test.I was told to drink one cap of bleach with some milk and viniger , have you ever heard that?

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