Does Vinegar Clean Marijuana Out Of Your System?


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Does vinegar clean your system of marijuana usage?

This is a two-sided question. I suspect you are asking if vinegar can effectively and efficiently clear marijuana out of your system in a short period of time in order to pass a urine analysis.

The answer to this is a half-hearted no - and just because some people claim that they have had previous success with it, this does not necessarily mean that it is 100% successful for everyone.

  • Dietitians recommend vinegar to aid the body in digestion and cleansing.
  • There are many beneficial properties to drinking vinegar (usually diluted with water or another sterile and healthy liquid) and, yes, detoxification of your organs and the purification of your system are included in those benefits.
  • However, these benefits occur gradually over an extended period of time.
Vinegar is beneficial to your system because it's acidic. When you introduce more acid to your digestive system it cues your body to produce less acid, which helps to slow down metabolism.

This increases your ability to break down foods, which includes the purification process that occurs in the kidneys and the liver. When you do this over a long period of time you become more efficient at processing fats and toxins.

The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, likes to store itself in your fat cells, which is why it takes so long for it to be completely out of your system. For example, your body will generally break down one serving of alcohol in an hour and it will be out of your system within 24 hours (depending on how much alcohol your system is processing).

While someone new to marijuana might be able to eliminate the toxins relatively quickly, a chronic user will need a few weeks to a month.

That said, the introduction of vinegar (and lots of water), particularly in large amounts, can help you to flush impurities out of your urine. While this is not the same thing as eliminating THC from your system, sometimes it can dilute your urine to a point where a test might be inconclusive. Still, this is not guaranteed.
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Yes, vinegar will take it out in one day. I smoke every day and every time I get drug tested, I don't smoke that whole day and I drink a lot of water and one cup of vinegar, and I come out clean.
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Does vinegar help clean out your system of THC?
Vinegar is a highly potent all-purpose product that is used for everything from preserving foods and meats to killing weeds and cleaning coffee pots.

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented product made from pulverized apples that first ferment into alcohol and then into vinegar. The end result is a "sour wine" that is beneficial to improve health, level blood sugar and wash toxins from the body.

Apples contain a healthy dose of:

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Other beneficial vitamins and minerals.
When apples are fermented into apple cider vinegar, it can be used to rid the body of harmful toxins that circulate through the body.

Apple cider helps the body break down fat, mucous and phlegm. These substances slow down the body's natural cleansing organs--the liver, bladder and kidneys--which have to sort out the substances while trying to eliminate other toxins.

When a person takes apple cider vinegar, which will break down these more substantial materials found in the body, his or her body is better able to process more serious toxins as well.

Essentially apple cider vinegar frees the liver, bladder and kidneys to process other toxins - to digest, eliminate and clean. Apple cider vinegar is also a great way to assist the body's natural elimination process.

Healthy digestion and elimination lend themselves toward detoxification, because the body is better able to break down foods and then eliminate toxins and nonessential food matter.

Apple cider vinegar promotes digestion, assists the body in the breakdown process and encourages elimination. These are very important for healthy detoxification.

Apple cider vinegar breaks down toxins that cause boils, blisters and acne. As a strong disinfectant apple cider vinegar also purifies the blood and attacks gallstones, kidney stones and other toxins that may result from spoiled food.
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Does vinegar help clean the body of marijuana?

Of course it works but it also depends on how much you weigh. If you are skinny, the toxins take a shorter time to leave your body because there isn't much fat for the toxins to store themselves in. If you happen to be a larger person, then it would take longer for the toxins to leave your body.

Be smart, people - yes, apple cider vinegar works temporarily but if you have the dream job or a court problem and don't want to worry about passing a drug test, then just don't use any.

If you feel the need to have marijuana, then ask your doctor about Marinol or Dronabinol.
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Yes, it works, but it takes quite a bit of it!

A couple days ago, my probation officer made me take my daily drug test, and I thought only a couple of mouthfuls of vinegar would do it. Well, I was wrong - you need a lot and it tastes nasty, but I know how you feel, I'd drink a whole container just to smoke up.
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Okay, here is something that I know works because, though I've never had to do a drug test, I was considering joining the army with my boyfriend. He had smoked, and one day at the recruitment office, the recruiter had him drink one gallon of water in an hour.

It's not pleasant, but if you do it one hour before your test, you are ok. But you must drink the water starting one hour before the test and pee a lot.

By the time you take the test, you will pee out just water. It worked for my boyfriend because the recruiter was testing him frequently during this. And after that hour, he didn't show any signs of smoking pot.
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Yes, it works, because I had to go to court on the first of April and I smoked the day before that, and then I drank vinegar with some water and I passed my drug test.
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I am now drinking vinegar to clean out my system. Several people that have tried this method say it works every time. I hope it does. Let's wait and see!
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I read a lot of comments on the net stating that it doesn't work. Well, let me tell you, I have tried it and it does work ..

You have to drink at least a half-cup with plenty of water afterwards ..Yes, it does burn your insides some, but they key is to drink lots of water and urinate frequently...
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With light use, it takes 7-10 days to clear for a urine test, but with prolonged use it can take up to 3 months. It shows up 90 days in hair and 12 hours in blood. You will probably be fine.
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I've done it while in the military and passed my test. But also I wasn't a heavy smoker! Yes it does cling to fat cells and the larger you are the harder it is to get out. The best thing to do is give your system time to expel the thc by not using, Drink lots of water to aid your body in elimination which aids detox, Yes use a good apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon mixed in with the water, and drink some cranberry juice daily. If you do this for a few weeks before testing and abstain from using, you will be fine. There is a very good detox product called Sonie 7 that many swear by. Try it

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I don't think Vinegar relate with the cleaning marijuana from the system. You can get the more easy way like drink 14 to 20 bottles of water per day(16.0 oz).

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Yes, it works. My uncle smokes and once he had to go to court and he drank vinegar with water and it was helpful for him.

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Marijuana is like a poison for your brain and turns your brain into like a lesser primates brain in which motivation to succeed in life is turned into solely pleasure seeking i.e. Laughing and eating bananas (or anything else for that matter!). 

Don't do it - I've seen too many lives changed for the worse.

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Purchase synthetic urine or a detox drink... Switching the specimen is the best method

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Hello, I’m very interested in the question, but is the cbd shown in the drug test? And is this a crime? I just started using CBD products and this helps me cope with increased anxiety and insomnia. Or should I always carry a doctor's prescription with me? In principle, I'm interested in the topic of CBD products and their effects on the body. I did not feel any additional effect.

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Vinegar won't remove THC from urine, but it will cause a test to be both positive and negative and thus nullify the result of the test.

Unfortunately, that may also raise a red flag. Try going to your local head shop & get 'P-Sure'. That has worked well for some friends of mine.
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Sorry, buddy. But all of what people are saying is untrue. THC, the active chemical in marijuana, stores itself in fatty tissue and cells.

In order to release it, you need about three weeks to a month for your body to burn off those fat cells.

I'm a drug and alcohol councillor, and I have been for six years now. Trust me. People have tried all the above and more in my treatment centre. Nothing works.
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Imho drug counselors are notorious for breeding fear by not telling the truth. Vinegar works at ridding the body of toxins, including THC. The exact dosage varies based on what your body's fat to muscle ratio. Do some reading and you'll know what to do.

Just say no to drug counselors.
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Let me tell you, my friends, that nothing works. The best way is stay drug-free and say no to drugs.

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