How Do You Take Care Of A Fractured Rib?


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As long as you are not coughing up blood or you are having trouble breathing then I would take it easy and avoid activities that exacerbate the pain. I would not wrap it, I have had enough broken ribs and never had them wrapped. Just be patient the pain should slower get better in a couple weeks but if it doesnt start going away or it gets worse go to see your MD.
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Well it is quite a tough job to take care of a fractured rib. Begin with assessing the fracture; try to immobilize the injury because any type of movement will cause a lot of pain and might even worsen the injury.

Make sure that you tape the broken rib; tie a strip of athletic tape all across the rib starting from the mid section of the chest towards the spine. Now pass 3-4 more strips of tape alongside the first one, two strips on each side of the initial strip. Place the limb on the side of the fracture into a sling or a swathe.

Now continue with additional treatment, take advice from a proper expert on how to go about treating the injury.
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What if its just one rib that is fractured???How could u take care of that??? And is it bad for someone to workout well having one rib fractured???
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I just was diagnosed with a fractured rib after falling down t he stairs. The stairs had no padding so I fell on wood. After going to the ER and having xrays, I was dx. With a fractured rib. The doctor told me they USED to wrap the rib with tight tape but found that that might increase the pressure on the lung and possibly puncture the lung. I would be careful if you have a fractured rib. Ask the doctor if taping is the best possible answer. Think of your lung.

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