What Causes A Hole In Your Leg Bones?


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A couple of different things could cause holes in your leg bones, including medical conditions like osteoporosis.

Bones are rather strong and resilient - but this doesn't mean they can't be broken or damaged.

What causes holes in the bones of your leg?
The human leg is made up of three main bones:

  • tibula
  • fibula
  • femur
(For a more detailed diagram of the leg's bones, check out this link).

The bones in your leg are made of various resilient and complex types of bone tissue. However, there are a couple of different conditions that could cause gaps and holes to appear in the structure of your bones.

-Osteoporosis is one condition that can cause holes in your bone tissue. I remember actress Susan Hampshire talking about being diagnosed with osteoporosis in an interview, and she described the scans of her legs as being like 'looking at a picture of an Aero chocolate bar'.

-Bone cancer is another illness which can manifest as 'holes' in bone tissue. If you suffer from a malignant tumor in one of your leg bones, this can cause a noticeable cavity.

The following are all types of bone cancer which could cause a hole in the bones of your leg:

  • Osteosarcoma
  • Chondrosarcoma
  • ESFTs
-Physical trauma can also cause holes to appear in your leg's bone tissue.

Major trauma (like that caused by a gunshot) would obviously be able to penetrate even the sturdiest of bones.

However, even repeated minor trauma (for example getting kicked in the shins playing soccer) may cause holes to appear in bone tissue eventually.

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